environmental responsibility

Within the office environment, our main impacts on the environment are electricity, waste paper, waste water and transport. We keep electricity and water usage to a minimum, recycle all waste paper (as well as plastic and aluminium), and travel by public transport or bike to all site visits / meetings within the UK.

To identify, manage and reduce the impact of MHA’s office-based activities, an Environment Champion was established in 2005. The Environment Champion advises the directors on internal environmental policy, priorities and performances, and system effectiveness. It is also the responsibility of the Environment Champion to ensure that all new staff are aware of MHA’s environmental policy and targets. Michael Hadi Associates has achieved the Carbon Smart Blue certification, demonstrating our commitment to the environment by measuring our carbon emissions and putting in place an action plan to reduce environmental impact. We are currently working towards Silver certification.

It is MHA’s policy to comply fully with the requirements of environmental legislation and advisory codes of practice having official status.

MHA Environmental Policy Statement

  • Carbon Smart Certified