Kingsdale School Dulwich

    The refurbishment of this large comprehensive school in Dulwich was completed over a period of five years and 30 phases of work. We participated with the design team, pupils and staff at the school together with the local community to develop the brief.

    A key element of the project was the colonisation of the existing courtyard to provide circulation, an assembly area, dining hall and auditorium beneath a variable opacity inflated ETFE (ethyl tetra fluoro ethylene) roof.

    The 300-seat auditorium superstructure comprises a geodesic shell made from 150mm diameter larch poles with bespoke aluminium and steel nodes. The shell is supported on a steel chassis with precast concrete seating. The main school library occupies the space beneath the seating.

    Architect: dRMM
    Client: London Borough of Southwark
    Project Value: £24M

    Winner: 2004 Wood Awards
    Winner: M4I Demonstration Award
    Winner: Royal Fine Art Commission Building of the Year Awards 2006

  • 01_courtyard
  • 02_ETFE
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  • 08_auditorium
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