Marlow House

    This large new build house on the bank of the Thames is formed of twin two-story wings containing the main accommodation and a single story wing containing an indoor pool and gym with a large basement plant room.

    It achieves high levels of insulation and air tightness through the use of prefabricated load bearing timber cassettes. These arrived on site with the air barrier and insulation in place simplifying erection and ensuring high quality with few leaks. This highly efficient system was combined with a ground source heat pump to provide heating and cooling as required, further reducing energy demand of the house.

    The house was certified in accordance with the Canadian Super E programme for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, moisture control, air quality and enhanced building durability.

    The site is within the functional flood plain of the Thames so a micro piled, flat slab foundation was chosen to resist uplift due to regular flooding of the site while minimising disturbance during construction on the quiet rural site. The project also involved the refit of an existing boathouse, including enlarging window openings and adding insulation to the walls to create an apartment for guests on the upper floor.

    Client: Private
    Architect: ORMS
    Project Value: Undisclosed

    Images courtesy of ORMS

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