Moshi Moshi Restaurant, Brighton

    A development to convert an existing pastische pavilion building into an iconic modern building. The existing building was the site of a series of failed ventures due to a position in a backwater with no presence felt from the nearby shopping Lanes.

    The structural solution was to remove all ornamental columns and replace these with steel circular sections. To convert the plan from octagonal to square cantilevering roof steels were inserted into the existing roof structure to form corners.

    To extend the restaurant onto a timber deck sliding doors were used which stack neatly into a steel frame, which is clearly expressed as a separate element. The existing skylight was modified to a cruciform shape with a thin stressed skin roof supported on structural glass leaves.

    The Architect’s used Kalwall as a reference to traditional Japanese screens and pre-patenated copper roofing.

    Client: Moshi Moshi
    Architect: dRMM
    Project Value: £250K

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