Moss Bros Window Installation, Regent Street

    MHA worked with Delvendahl Martin Architects to create an architectural window installation for menswear brand Moss Bros, as part of the RIBA Regent Street Windows Project. Practices were tasked with creating a spatial installation to reflect the retailer’s brand whilst also responding to the theme of ‘play’.

    The design distorts the perception of depth and perspective as viewed from the street using hundreds of cotton strings stitched to the edges of the window space to form a series of seemingly floating voids in which Moss Bros products are be displayed. The material expression of the cotton strings recalls the raw materials of garments, the loom-based manufacturing process of cloth, and the craftsmanship of the Moss Bespoke service.

    MHA carried out load testing on a variety of strings to prove the design.

    Client: Moss Bros
    Architect: Delvendahl Martin Architects
    Project Value: Undisclosed

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