MHA provides the following due diligence services:

    • site visits to identify structural defects that affect stability, serviceability, lifespan or value
    • desk studies to determine environmental risk including contamination, flood, radon, mining or historic land use
    • organisation of investigations into deleterious materials or defective structures (eg. high-alumina cement, chloride attack, carbonation and corrosion of reinforced concrete structures, cavity wall-ties)
    • organisation of investigations into the degree of contamination
    • advice on remedial, repair or strengthening work to defective structures
    • advice on planned maintenance regimes for structures
    • advice on remediation strategies for contamination
    • structural conditions survey
    • identification and rectification of building defects
    • inspection of technical documentation
    • construction risk assessment
    • utility investigation
    • below ground infrastructure searches
    • fabric investigation and condition assessment
    • flood risk assessment