Earthquake engineering and seismic risk assessment sit happily with our core structural engineering offering.

    Our services in seismically active regions include:
    • design of new structures;
    • appraisal of existing structures;
    • seismic retrofit and strengthening of existing structures;
    • due diligence; and
    • desk studies to determine a comparative level of seismic risk to buildings and buildings’ occupants

    Our clients benefit from:
    • performance based structural designs to minimise earthquake risk to buildings and people;
    • optimised structural designs for new buildings and retrofit to existing buildings; and
    • rapid assessment of seismic risk to global property portfolios allowing further investigations and resources to be directed to those premises where risk is found to exceed acceptable levels.

    We have provided earthquake engineering services in some of the most seismically active regions in the world including Khazakstan, India, Bangladesh and Albania.

    Our work with British Council
    In 2007, a preliminary investigation for the British Council identified several Council properties – in seismic zones worldwide – that were vulnerable to earthquakes. MHA have provided structural advice in connection with the seismic performance of these and other prospective Council buildings.

    Our input has included qualitative and quantitative seismic assessments of existing multi-storey structures, soils liquefaction analyses, and feasibility studies, recommendations and designs for seismic retrofitting or strengthening of structures where appropriate.

    A current line of research involves the application of Reliability Theory to better assess the risk of structural collapse and injury to or death of building occupiers where structural information is not available or incomplete.

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