Sustainable Design

    High quality sustainable design is intrinsic to our service.

    We research and analyse the environmental impact, embodied carbon and energy and whole life costing of typical construction materials and products.

    Beyond the Three ‘R’s our service extends to using the output from our research together with published data such as Bath University’s Inventory of Carbon and Energy to provide objective data to aid selection of appropriate structural solutions with the least possible environmental impact.

    We specify materials that are sustainable and from renewable sources where available.

    We promote the use of timber only from FSC sources (the most sustainable construction material) in general and engineered timber products that employ recycled or waste materials in their manufacture in particular and have taken steps to reduce the amount of cementitious material used on our projects.

    We research the environmental impact and whole life costing of typical construction materials and products and incorporate the data in options matrices.

    To design a sustainable building is not only a moral obligation but also makes good business sense, satisfies Planning and other statutory requirements and is necessary to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM.